Messages On-Hold Killed the Radio Star


If you choose to play a radio station to your callers on hold, there are some initial things to consider. While It may seem like a good idea, it’s wise to do your homework as there are certain regulations that you are required to follow if that’s the path you elect to follow.

According to the APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) you are required to obtain a licence to play radio music to your callers if you are a commercial business. In fact, it covers more than the radio.  If you are considering any of the following you will require a licence to do so:

  • Radio
  • CD (compact disc)

You’ll be required to pay an annual fee, which will vary depending on the amount of external telephone lines your business has.  If the number is low, the fee is reasonable, though as the number of lines you have increases, so do the fees and it can be quite substantial.

While this may be conducive to certain businesses, to others it can be quite damaging.  If you can find a radio station that is favourable to your business then can have it’s advantages, though you do have to take into consideration how your customers may react. You have no control over what certain radio stations play or say on air.

Commercial radio stations play advertisements to acquire their revenue.  If you have a competitor that is running various campaigns with that particular radio station and they are played while your customers are on hold, you run the risk of losing them to your rivals, if they have a better offer.

A good marketing strategy is to have your own audio production prepared by means of a messages on hold program. With these programs you have full control over what your customers hear.

You can promote your business and inform them of products and services that you offer, in addition to upcoming events, offers and sales that your company may be planning to run.

Your telephone messages on hold program will be crystal clear unlike some companies who play static radio, due to obstructions from servers, bad connections and also inclement weather.

You can target your messages on hold to reflect your business values and in turn, seize the opportunity to turn callers into customers.  Not all of your customers will always know everything about your business; Messages on hold gives you the opportunity update regularly and add new and interesting products all the time.  It will give you an opportunity to tell them of upcoming offers and ways they can potentially save money, making it beneficial for all involved.

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