Poor Excuses not to have a Messages On-Hold Program


Failing to see the value in a telephone messages on hold program, can mean you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to promote your business on a daily basis.  There are plenty of excuses people use to avoid having a messages on hold program, though they are doing their business a disservice by making such a decision.

Excuse # 1 – We’re not big enough for messages on hold
If you believe that a messages on hold program is purely for big businesses, then you are sadly mistaken.  Doesn’t it make sense to seize every possible opportunity?  Personalised advertising while your customers are on hold, can give the impression that your business is bigger than it is.

You will appear more professional, and give your customers confidence when dealing with you. Putting customers on hold is unavoidable, so why not take advantage of the situation and let your callers know exactly what you have to offer.

Excuse # 2 – Messages on hold is too expensive
Another popular excuse is expenditure. You may consider that the program is too expensive. On the contrary, can you really afford not to have a telephone messages on hold program?  Consider this: it works around the clock, even after hours and on weekends and public holidays. Imagine how many potential customers call after hours and do not get their call answered.

If you view the argument this way, you can see that it is in your best interests to have such a system working for you, 24/7.

Excuse # 3 – I don’t have enough time to organise messages on hold
Maybe you’re too busy to organise a personalised messages on hold system. Perhaps you need to make the time to get a system organised.  If you have a busy switchboard, then this is a perfect opportunity to let your customers know all about your products and services. There is nothing worse than phones ringing out, and not having your call answered.

Excuse # 4 – We’re happy with the radio playing on hold – and so are our customers!
Messages on hold is not only a powerful marketing tool, it is like having your best sales person delivering very targeted messages directly to your customers.  You might argue that you are more than happy playing the radio to your customers whilst on hold and you have never received complaints. The majority of people will never complain directly to you. They’ll tell their family and friends instead.

You also should be aware that you are obliged to pay APRA (Australasian Performing Right Association) fee’s for the privilege, and if you have many incoming lines, those fee’s can be very hefty.  Not to mention that your competitors may be running very attractive advertisements on those radio stations that you are playing directly into the ears of your customers.

Callers Prefer Messages On Hold
Callers are happy to listen to messages while they are on hold; in fact studies have shown that they prefer them to complete silence or terrible inappropriate music.   A telephone messages on hold program can certainly add value to your business, don’t make the mistake of dismissing the power of this clever marketing strategy.

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