Lady Gaga’s Tips for Messages On Hold

Lady Gaga has always been ahead of the curve.

Her next album, Artpop,┬ápromises nothing different. Most artists release an album and depend on CD and iTunes sales to make money. Not Lady Gaga. She is planning a multi media explosion including a completely interactive computer, ipad, iphone, and smartphone application. It will include ” chats, films for every song, extra music, content, Gaga-inspired games, fashion updates, magazines, and more still in the works,” says Gaga. Based on the fan response to the announcement, this is going to be her biggest release yet.

So how does this relate to messages on hold, and what tips can we glean from a pop star?

1. Know where your audience is. Lady Gaga is a true pioneer in the social media arena, with a huge following on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Google+ to name a few. She knows this is where her fans are so she chooses to communicate with them on their mediums.Get to know your target market and where they hang out and you can communicate with them there.

2. Keep a consistent front. Gaga has a distinct look, feel, and approach to life. This outlook and personality comes across the same in every public appearance she makes. You wouldn’t expect her to appear one day in a simple cardigan set and pencil skirt, most people probably wouldn’t even recognise her without a crazy outfit on. Keep your message the same, whether its in your stationary, website, messages on hold, instore sound, or facebook page.

3. Be approachable. When Lady Gaga was staying in Melbourne, not only did she go outside her hotel to sign autographs, but she ordered a whole bunch of pizzas for all the fans gathered there as well! Give your on hold messages a real person perspective by including information that people might like to hear. No one wants to be told opening hours over and over again, try to think the way your customers think.

4. Do something unexpected. Lady Gaga is always pushing the envelope to make sure she stands out from the crowd. Don’t just limit yourself to what your competition is doing, try something new, add an IVR prompt or some great music on hold. Change your on hold messages often and keep the content fresh.

5. Speak to your customers in their language. Lady Gaga knows that her fans are not 70 year old men, but instead young women in their teens and twenties. Get to know who they are and what they like. Use voice artists to match their style and age range, and make sure you are using words and phrases that they will relate to.

Lady Gaga is on top of her industry because she knows her fans and caters to their needs and preferences. By learning the lessons she teaches, your business can improve its on hold message marketing and bottom line at the same time.


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