Felix Baumgartner’s Record Breaking Jump

The Austrian daredevil became the first man to break the sound barrier by jumping out of a capsule more than 39 kilometers above the earth.  For those who can’t even imagine how high that is, most commercial airlines don’t fly above 15 kilometers.  At that height, the curvature of the earth is very visible and the colour of the surrounding atmosphere turns from blue to back. It is literally the edge of space, and required a specially created suit to protect Felix from the consequences of temperatures of minus 68 degrees and the possibility of his blood boiling or his lungs exploding due to the extreme change in air pressure.

The professional skydiver has been preparing for the jump for seven years and planned it to coincide with the 65th anniversary of American pilot Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier. His last words before the monumental jump somehow recalled those famous words of Neil Armstrong, “Sometimes you have [to go] up really high to [understand] how small you are.”

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