What Forrest Gump can Teach us About Being Successful

Yes, I do realise he is a fictional character and quite simple minded at that, but there is a lot of wisdom in his quotes. After all, he did become a “gazillionaire” and taught Elvis how to dance. 1. “And … Continue reading

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How to Think Outside the On Hold Message Box

Its time to change the way you think about your on hold messages. Your program should be so great and interesting that customers are asking to be put pack on hold. Sound like an impossible dream? Well that means its … Continue reading

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31 Year Old Amputee Makes Record for Climbing Skyscraper

Zac Vawter’s bionic leg is controlled by a high tech system which links to his brain similar to the way a normal leg would. This means as he thought about climbing the 103 floors of one of the world’s tallest … Continue reading

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What do Sex, Food, and Marketing Have in Common?

More than you realise, when you think about it. From building expectation, to fulfilling desire, to creating memories, and sharing experiences with loved ones, great sex and great food are some of the basic pleasures in life. So how do … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy – The Facts

The United States has been pounded by what people are saying is the worst storm in the country’s 236 year history. I’m sure you have all been hearing all about it on the news and radio, but below I have … Continue reading

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