What do Sex, Food, and Marketing Have in Common?

More than you realise, when you think about it. From building expectation, to fulfilling desire, to creating memories, and sharing experiences with loved ones, great sex and great food are some of the basic pleasures in life. So how do I justify adding marketing to this partnership? There are several things these pleasures have in common with well executed marketing strategy.

1. Great sex, great food, and great marketing create a desire, then follow through on the promise. We all know what its like to dress up nice, put on an alluring scent, and make ourselves attractive to the opposite sex. Likewise, a good chef knows that presentation is almost as important as taste, and it’s important to create an expectation. Marketing, when done well, can also create an interest and desire for the final product. Remember, though, with all the above, its important to follow through on your promise.

2. Great sex, great food, and great marketing involve other people.  There is a reason why a person with no friends is called a loser, life is just better when there is someone to share it with. Who wants to go to a restaurant alone? Even if you have an amazing meal, the experience will be lessened as you have no one to share it with. Ditto for sex. As for marketing, with the popularity of social media, it has become easy to share with your fans and customers and encourage the interaction.

3. Sharing stories about great sex, great food, and great marketing is fun and happens naturally. Anything out of the ordinary is usually worth sharing, and that once time that involved a whole bunch of sushi and a late night ride in the back of a police car will just get better with telling. When it comes to your marketing strategy, the same is true. Anything that is unusual or interesting will get people talking about your brand.

4. Great sex, great food, and great marketing will keep people’s interest and keep them coming back for more.When you have a good experience, your likely to want to repeat that experience again and again. Once you have established your branding profile, keep true to what works, but like all great sex and great food, don’t be afraid to change things up every now and then and try something new.

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