31 Year Old Amputee Makes Record for Climbing Skyscraper

Zac Vawter’s bionic leg is controlled by a high tech system which links to his brain similar to the way a normal leg would. This means as he thought about climbing the 103 floors of one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers in Chicago, the motors, chains and belts in his prosthetic leg began to whir to life.

He finished the climb in 45 minutes, to the cheers of fans and researchers. The charity event “Skyrise Chicago” raises funds for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, and was the new bionic technology’s first foray into the public eye.

This event shows a breakthrough for prosthetic technology, meaning amputees will no longer be left with clunky awkward pieces of plastic attached to their bodies, but instead have a working part of the body which can interact with the brain and work together with other parts of the body.

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