How to Think Outside the On Hold Message Box

Its time to change the way you think about your on hold messages. Your program should be so great and interesting that customers are asking to be put pack on hold. Sound like an impossible dream? Well that means its time to think outside the box.

Think about what you would be interested in hearing when you call a company. Wouldn’t it be great to hear game highlights when you call up a sports company? Or how about beauty tips for a hairdresser and beauty salon? What about sound bytes from your latest podcast, or testimonials from happy clients, or samples of your voice over work? Sure you still need to get the necessary information across like open hours, but why not add some entertainment?

While your at it, you can drop the pushy sales pitch. Sure you have a captive audience, but that does not mean they have to sit through you trying to up sell them every single one of your products. Mention a new product or service they might not be aware of and leave it at that. They will ask you if they are interested.

Its time to call up your own company and actually listen to your own on hold music and evaluate it from a outside perspective. If you get bored, listening, then its time to call Media Messages for a much needed update. Our team of creative writers can script an on hold program that matches your business style while infusing a fresh perspective into things. Call us today for your free message.

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