The Art of the Pickpocket

Pick-pocketing is an ancient art, made famous in classic books like Charles Dicken’s Oliver. But pick-pocketing is not a skill used only by thieves and criminals, many magicians use the skills in their performances, something that goes back to the first advertised magician pickpocket Fred Brezin in 1906.

Today Apollo Robbins is one of the most famous pickpockets, basing himself in Las Vegas, where many famous magicians travel to see his uncanny abilities.
Through sleight of hand, distraction, and charm, Robbins makes things appear and disappear as if out of thin air, replacing a mans wallet with a fried chicken leg, and having a woman’s engagement ring appear attached to her husband’s key chain in his pocket.

In this video, he shows how he does some of his tricks, with a step by step walk through of stealing a man’s watch. I was amazed at how a few simple moves and strategies can be so effective. At Media Messages, we too believe in simplicity, our process from idea to message creation has been refined into a well running machine.

Once a potential client has spoken with a sales team member and decided which On Hold Message package is right for them, our creative team jumps into action. We send you a questionnaire to get details about your preferred style of read, voice artists, music, and business info. If you are stuck for ideas at this stage, feel happy to browse through some of our industry specific samples and use them for inspiration. We write up your scripts, send for your approval, then get them voiced and produced. Before adding to your telephone system, we send it back to you once more for final approval before installing it.  We also offer technicians to visit your business for those who aren’t comfortable or unsure about how to add the program.

Simple and easy, with lots of tech support and helpful employees along every step of the way to make sure your message on hold and on hold music are exactly what you want – that’s our goal.


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