Feel Like you Need an Adventure? I Have just the Tour Company For You.

Feel like life is getting a little bit boring? Need some adventure or excitement in your life to get you out of the hamster wheel of life? Why not take an Expedition with 5th Element Expeditions? Founder and lifelong adventurer Geoff WIlson has made a career out of living life on the edge, and wants to take you with him on an incredible adventure that will take you to the edge of your comfort zone, challenge you, and exhilerate the adventurer within all of us. 

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His most recent expedition involved a 3 leg journey. Part one was cycling over 700km up the Cape Road to Cape York in 7 days. The second leg of the journey began at Cape York where a group of kite surfers gathered and proceeded to kite surf 200km from Australia to Papau New Guinea. The third leg is to hike the 93 km Kokoda trek from start to finish. Expeditioners who joined were given the option to do one or all legs of the journey, Due to the immense popularity and enthusiasm for this event last year, 5th Element will be repeating the adventure tour this year, with a professional video crew and a documentary in the works. 

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And if that's not adventurous enough for you, Geoff is currently training for a solo trek across Anartica later in the year to raise money for the McGrath Foundation and breast cancer awareness. Using skis and kite power to cross the Antartic, and pulling a pink "boob sled" of supplies, Geoff is hoping to use this crazy mission to gain sponsors and raise awareness of the need to support this fantastic charity. 

Interested yet? People who have joined Wilson on some of his crazy adventures cannot speak more highly of their experiences. These espeditions have been carefully planned to get you out of the normal and really see what you are capable of, and many come back feeling empowered and refreshed, ready to take on the world.

At Media Messages, we thrive on the new and unexpected and would love to send a representative from our team on one of these fantastic adventures. In the meantime, while we try to convince one of our staff members, we will continue to create quality on hold messages, IVR prompts and instore music packages for businesses. Contact us today to see how our low monthly rates or outright purchase programs stack up to the competition.

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