How Messages on Hold Work

Its a fact you probably know well, that through the course of a normal business day, some callers will be placed on hold, and if your on hold system is not up to par, they may not stay on the line for long. So what do your valued customers hear when you put them on hold or transfer them? Sometimes they may hear a click on the line before its completely silent and they think they've been disconnected.  Or if you have the radio playing, your on hold callers may be listening to your competitor's commercials, boring DJ chatter, or worse, static.

By creating a customised message on hold you gain control over what your customers hear and eliminate the problems that arise with using alternative methods. By informing your customers about current promotions or letting them know about new products pr services, you can enhance your company's image and ultimately increase sales. Plus, you can update your on hold messages with new promotions for maximum effectiveness and to keep things fresh and new.

Typical on hold messages are anywhere from 4 to 6 minutes in length, with 5 to 20  individual messages, depending on what type of package you choose. The on hold messages play on a continuous loop, so there's no beginning or end, and the caller will hear whatever part of the on hold message that is playing at the moment they is placed on hold. There is also music in the background, and a musical transition in between each message so that it all flows together smoothly.

Unless your a big telephone company or airline who keeps customers on hold for long amounts of time, your callers should not be on hold for your entire 6 minute on hold message program.  Most businesses will only keep callers on hold for a few minutes at the most, but with our program, they still will not hear the same messages twice.

If you have any other questions about how on hold messages work, or if you to talk to someone about getting your free message, contact us today.

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