The Importance of Social Media for Businesses

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Whether you are a serial tweeter or a internet recluse, social media is no longer a flash in the pan phenomenon, it is a new way of communication that is here to stay. Savvy businesses and individuals have used these platforms for everything from raising money for charities, to Obama's getting relected as president.

It is a fantastic way for big corporations to connect with their customers and create a more intimate type relationship where people feel like their voices are being heard. It is also a great way for businesses to encourage customer loyalty, by offering social media exclusive discounts and promotions, and releasing information about new products or services exclusively to their social media followers first. 

There is no need to get into all the technical side of social media marketing, or to hire an expensive social media consultant, most businesses have at least one person on staff who is a bit tech savvy and can show you how to set up and run a successful social media site. And the bonus is that its totally free, so you are able to expand your market reach and customer demographics simply by being open to new forms of communication. 

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