What Charlie Brown and Lucy can Teach Us About On Hold Messages


Its funny how just by putting someone famous into a commercial, we instantly pay more attention to it. Even if that person is an animated character. The much beloved Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Schroeder from the popular Peanuts cartoons feature in this ad from American insurance company Metlife. 

In this ad, Lucy is a call centre attendant and like most, she ends up putting her caller on hold. But even in a funny commercial, there are a few truths we can pull out. 

1. She is courteous and polite to the caller, explaining that she will have to put them on hold. Make sure they know that you are doing everything possible to help them in a quick and efficient manner, and that you care about them and meeting their needs.

2. She is passionate about her on hold program. Sure it maybe music by her boy crush, but she still makes sure that her caller get the absolute best on hold music that she has. 

In a way, Media Messages has a lot in common with Lucy. We care about each and every one of our customers and want to make sure that they walk away from all interactions with us feeling like we have helped them and done everything possible to meet their needs. We also are passionate about our on hold programs, we live and breathe quality on hold messages and on hold music. We make sure we have the best script writers, voice artists, and audio producers working for us, which means your completed on hold program will be the best one around and custom created just for you. 

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  1. laurajones12 says:

    On hold message is a very good and effective service. It provides very useful information to the callers about the business whenever they are on hold. In this service there is no need  to communicate directly to the clients, all the information regarding that business can be provided by using this service.

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