Sneaky Snake Proves to be One Slippery Customer


Did you hear about the Giant Boa Constrictor in Nerang? It’s a LONG Story. That’s right, we had an exotic pet incident right here in Nerang when the sizable snake was found crossing the road. As HISS-terical 

as it may strike you, it’s become more common for these particular illegal pets to be found slithering around your local neighbourhood. As they grow bigger and bigger they become more expensive to feed and harder to maintain, so many owners end up letting them loose to roam the wild in “adder” to avoid penalties and paying hefty fees for their illegal pet. 

The problems begin when these dangerous wild animals go looking for food or to find a nice dark place to sleep. This must have been the case several days ago, when a giant boa constrictor was found crossing the road in Nerang. Luckily Bio Security Queensland was called and the snake was safely captured before he could squeeze the life out of anyone. Well suited to our tropical climate and a highly reproductive species, an introduced species such as this can cause irreversible damage to our native Flora and Fauna, just one of many deadly scenarios that could occur when a serpent like this is set on the loose.

“FANG-kfully” those that suffer with Ophidiophia (or a fear of snakes), can rest assured that everything is back to normal. This leads us to question was the curious constrictor venturing out to obtain messages on hold for its owners? Being that this intrepid reporter does not speak any kind of reptilian we’ll leave that for you to decide. Sssspeak to ussss today.

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