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In this digital age we have seen photo sharing, video sharing and story sharing, but haven’t heard much of audio sharing as an online social networking tool.

At Media Messages, that’s out business, and whilst we can certainly help with professional recordings for your social media marketing, our main form of audio media messaging is on the phone lines of every professional business and as a customized radio station at various retail outlets.

So we know there definitely is a market for audio sharing online and in-store, hell we even listen to audio sharing every day on the radio, but is there a place for audio sharing online? And if so, what sort of application could be developed to share your audio messages?

Would it be a set up similar to YouTube? Or possibly one major radio station put together by various online users eager to share their audio engineering talents?

What type of audio media sharing would there be? Radio commercials? Commentary? Music? How could an audio social networking application inspire and entice the masses to join the network?

Could it be from the pure simplicity of just being able to record your thoughts on your smartphone and uploading an audio diary – rather than having to put your thoughts into words and post online? Or would users be more interested in using their creativity and producing inspiring pieces of audio that would have the masses flocking to listen the Joe Blow FM?

The team at Media Messages Australian certainly thinks that there is definitely a market for an online audio sharing network. And it would certainly be a great place for businesses to engage with customers – both in the sense of sharing their audio advertising and also by getting inspiration.

As audio engineers and professional voice artists, we are intrigue with what is around the corner, and can’t wait to see the world of audio get the credit that it deserves.

To be part of our audio sharing network, and to get the most professional messages on hold program for your business, call us today. Get a free message on hold sample – scripted and voiced for your business.

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