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New Business Tips: Telephone Messages OnHold

If you have a great product or service and have big dreams of launching a new business, there are a few things that are essential for you to really get it up and running. Here are a few tips that helped Media Messages Australia become the successful audio production company that we are today.

Business, Marketing, Financial and Operations Plan
Painful and time consuming – we get it! But necessary it most certainly is. By investing time into producing a fully comprehensive business plan, that covered everything from marketing, financials right through to operations gave us a much better view of how we intended to business, and what would and wouldn’t work.

It’s amazing how differently you can see things, when they are written in front of you, or when you have actually researched them and have a better understanding of how they are going to work. This is absolutely key, and we would recommend to any person wanting to embark on a new business venture, to really spend time on doing up a business plan.

Engage with your Community / Target Market
Why wait until your business is already up and running, start engaging with your community from the onset so that you really understand what it is that they are looking for. At the end of the day – you will need them to build your business, and it is their needs and wants that will help you to grow.

Furthermore, by building a foundation with you a small group that you will be targeted, they will more likely be inclined to share your business and its representations – i.e.: social media and website links. Resulting in helping you get the word out.

Identify the Influencers that are aligned with your Industry
You really want to get noticed by these guys – they can really help show you how to be the voice of your company. Listen to what they have to say, how they interact with their audience, how their audience reacts to that interaction; and don’t be afraid to make contact. If you be a guest blogger for them, of they endorse your product, it could mean so much for your new business.

Media Messages is an Australian audio production company that provides professional quality telephone message on hold programs to various businesses throughout the country.  And we have seen our fair share of new businesses that have gone out into the big bad world and flourished.

Our own experience shows us that you have to work really hard to build your business, and to really get it off the ground. Media Messages started as a two-man operation that has now grown to be a leading audio production agency on the Gold Coast. We did this by nurturing our idea through a business plan, engaging with our local community and building connections with businesses that would inevitably help us to grow.

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