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In May this year Google rolled out another Penguin update, which affected about 2% of Australian businesses, and whilst it appears that Google is now penalising businesses for spammy links, the search engine also appears to favour websites with useful content that is relevant to search topic (the businesses core business)

Which raises the question, is blogging for your business a good way to create content for your website?

The team at Media Messages certainly think so! Providing you are supplying good copy that is relevant to your business. At the end of the day, you want your customers and potential customers to get value out of visiting your website, if you offer a platform whereby they can gather information they are looking for, then you are giving them additional value, whilst simultaneously increasing the content on your site.

Here’s a few suggestions thought that we recommend you adhere to when blogging for your business.

Relevant Copy
Make sure that your blogs are relevant to the target market you are trying to entice. There is no point writing a whole heap of blogs about a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with your core business. What’s the point of getting traffic to your website that isn’t going to convert into a sale, or doesn’t even have the potential to.

Understand the market that you are trying to appeal to, and make sure that your copy is of interest to them.

Invest in a good Copywriter
There is nothing worse than reading an article that is full of grammatical errors and poor sentence structure. If writing is not your forte, then maybe you need to write down your ideas in point form, and invest in a good copywriter to complete your article.

Be Consistent
Be consistent with your blog marketing. It is recommended that you try and write at least one blog each week in order to create enough content for the search engines to crawl your pages, index you and let your potential customers find you. It is also important that you have a regular stream of interesting articles to drive customers back to your website.

At Media Messages, we believe that content is key in providing a good platform for our customers to find information about our products and services, whilst also helping them in other areas of marketing.

Media Messages is a professional audio production company that specialise in the making of quality audio productions for your telephone message on hold system.

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