Audio Advertising for your Phone Lines

Your phone lines are a pivotal piece of technology for your company. Not only does it connect you to your customers, but it creates airwaves for you to promote your products and services to customer who already have an interest in your company. Media Messages explores just a couple of ways that you can use audio advertising on your phone lines.

Telephone Messages On Hold

Our personal favourite is the telephone message on hold program. Basically, a message on hold program is a mini-radio station broadcast directly to your callers. Audio advertisements written, voiced, mixed and manipulated to promote your products and services, and to keep your callers entertained while they are on hold. And if done properly, can also help increase sales.

Voice Messages

Companies often overlook voice messages, but in essence they are a great reflection of the brand and the people who work for you. A voice message is basically ‘speaking’ to your customers. So make sure your staff constantly update their voice messages, have the correct information and keep the message short and concise. Better yet, invest in a professional audio production and help your brand sound bigger.

IVR Announcements – Voice Prompts

Are you a bigger business with multiple departments? Then make the telephone experience an easier one for your callers and install one of these nifty audio navigation systems. An Interactive Voice Response will ask your callers which department they would like to be put through, and then your callers can answer either through speech or through the phone keypad. Once the department they are searching for is identified, then the caller is automatically redirected to them. An IVR system sounds professional, and saves your callers from going from one department to the next.

Audio advertising for your phone lines is a great way to promote your products and service, reinforce your brand and sound much bigger and a whole lot more professional.

Give your company a much savvier edge, and invest in an audio production for your phone line today, simply contact the audio specialists at Media Messages on 1300 796 694.

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