5 Fun Ways to Entertain your Customers In Store

Entertain your customers with in-store music and messaging

Anyone who works in retail knows that you need to stand out from the crowd to draw a crowd. Though this can be a busy industry, so when it’s fast, it is fast – but our retail clients still have a little fun with their customers, and based on what we have heard from our customers, here are five ways retailers can entertain their customers in store.

In-Store iPads
This is a new tactic we’ve heard a few retailers are testing out. They have stations with iPads for customers to use, or their kids and husband’s to play with while they wait. Obviously, the retailers have set the iPads to only be able to search certain sites, but it has worked well for them, as they can offer discounts for customers who “Check-in” on Facebook and let their friends no they are in store.

Once of our fashion customers even has the iPad available for customers to take a pic of the clothes they are wearing so the customer can share with their friends for instant feedback. Risky? Maybe … but the customer is giving them valuable promotion – free. Quite smart if you ask us.

Lego and Toy Stations
It’s all about keeping the kids entertained so the parents can shop and enjoy their experience. Some stores are now setting up a Lego and toy stations to keep the kids occupied while mummy and daddy shop.

In-Store TV Stations
In Target you will find a kids TV station with the latest kids video (great way to get the kids to want to buy said movie), while other stores are using in-store Plasmas to promote their products and services – playing presentations about their business and products.

In-store Presentations
This is an old concept, but one that is still popular among many retailers, especially during the busy period. Usually set up with a stand and the products in question, the presenter’s shows you how to use the product and make customers feel as though you MUST have one. Our favourite or the presenters in Coles and Woolies – got to love free food.

In-Store Music and Messaging
Music will help draw in a crowd – and selecting the right kind of music, will draw in your core target market. Combined this with strategically written messages, you have your very own in-store radio station – entertain and educating your customers about your brand and your products and services.

In-store music and messaging helps to fill your store with atmosphere, while simultaneously acting as a spruiker / customer service representative for your business.

Media Messages is a proud supplier of innovative in-store music and messaging systems and producer of high quality audio productions. Call us today and get your in-store music and messaging program.

We would love to hear some of the ways other retailers entertain their customers while in store. Please feel free to comment below and share your creative ideas.

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