On Hold Fail #2

Message on hold fail | Radio on hold

When you work for a Telephone Message On Hold Company, you tend to really take notice what different businesses play to their callers on hold. Some of them are great, others not so. The other day however, I was on the phone to the real estate I am hoping to buy land from, and what they had on hold, everyone would take notice of … and not for the right reasons.

They obviously had the radio connected, but they obviously had the radio connected in a room that didn’t have great reception. All I could here was very loud static in my ear. I couldn’t bear it – I had to hang up, call the receptionist again, tell her what happened, and asked her to get the real-estate agent I was dealing with to call me back (and it has given me a great opportunity to make a sale!)

Businesses think the radio is a great option. I guess because it plays music and keeps callers entertained while they wait, but they neglect to think of all the negatives of playing the radio.

  1. No control over the content
  2. Potentially playing inappropriate music
  3. Inappropriate comments from announcers
  4. Competitor advertisements
  5. Static radio
  6. Huge annual fees

Businesses who are playing the radio to their callers on hold should really reconsider, and consider the telephone on hold time to be a lucrative advertising stream. An opportunity to educate your callers about your products and services – not someone elses.

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