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There is one thing the Americans do extremely well and that is advertising – in all forms. My family and I have recently enjoyed a trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas – and let me tell you, advertising is everywhere. The difference with America is that they understand that marketing isn’t just about getting the phone lines to ring; it is about the complete customer experience.

There are advertisements everywhere! Billboards, print advertising, television advertisements, outdoor, indoor, on the phone, online and in person. Advertising is prevalent absolutely everywhere. But so too, is a good level of customer service (possibly to the point of cheesy).

I felt as though each brand was making contact with me at every stage of the marketing process, right up until I had left the store or hung up the phone. The staff were very friendly and trying to upsell and cross sell at every opportunity (trust me, I came home with a lot more stuff than I left with). So from a marketer’s point of view, they are doing something right.

American Messages On Hold
As my sister is a travel agent over there, I helped and did a little assistant work for her. Calling restaurants, tour agents, hotels, resorts and hire car companies – and the majority of them had a telephone message on hold program playing. While I knew the States were the original telephone on hold message inventors, I didn’t quite expect to hear quite so many programs playing an on hold program.

The one thing I noticed with most of their messages is they were straight to the point, and didn’t waffle on. Each audio advertisement was clear and concise and clearly conveyed pretty much a single message. I was in heaven.

A telephone message on hold program is just another step in your marketing communications program. It should make up part of your internal marketing strategies, and be focused on informing your customers about secondary products and services, and to also increase brand awareness to your callers on hold. The more they know about you, the more they are likely to reconnect.

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