Business Email Etiquette

Your business emails are one of the biggest forms of communications you have with the outside world. Think about it, you use it to contact all stakeholders: staff, suppliers and of course customers. It makes sense to set your emails up in a way that is both tasteful and beneficial for your business. Here are a few ways to keep in line with business email etiquette.

Keep it Clean
Unless you get it professionally done, don’t go inserting a whole heap of pictures into your email. It will look messy, and in many cases, your customers could flag your email as being spammy due to the number of pictures inside the email. Keep your emails clean – it is easier on the eye, and better for email filters to send through.

Simple Signatures
Don’t go over board with your signature. Keep it simple and professional. If you are going to include a logo – make sure it works. There is nothing worse than seeing a red cross where a logo is supposed to go. Also use one, maybe two colours – there is no need to have a rainbow signature. You may think it looks good, but many of your customers will see it as being unprofessional and tacky.

Clear and Concise Content
Just like you would with your telephone messages on hold advertisements, keep the body of your email short. People are generally time poor, and will baulk if they have to read through a novel, with most of them opting not to. Keep your messages clear and straight to the point.

No Big Attachments
Most people will have a limit of about 2 MB per email if you are sending to a business, personal emails can have up to 10MB – don’t abuse it. Keep your attachments small; otherwise they may not even make it to the recipient.

Out of Office Messages
Keep out of office messages short, but with enough information that your customers know when you will be returning, and who to contact while you are not there.

It is essential for businesses to have good email etiquette, especially when businesses are putting up stronger filters and rejecting more and more emails. Plus, you want your customers to actually read your emails and not delete them.

Media Messages have a strict email guide, and we get our staff to take their email communication very seriously. We do sometimes also include a link to examples of our message on hold audio advertisements, whether we have them on YouTube or on our website, and of course, we include links to our Facebook page.

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