Royalty Free Music to Play to Callers On Hold

Message and music on hold

When it comes to putting your callers on hold, you want to make sure they wait for you to come back, and not get irritated at the fact you have just made them wait. Selecting the right music tracks to play on your telephone message and music on hold system, can really set the mood … make sure it’s the right one!

When selecting the style of music to be played on your telephone lines, think of your customers and the type of people they are. You want to make sure the music appeals to them, and make their telephone experience as enjoyable as possible.

Music on hold is still part of your branding efforts, and is a huge reflection on what your company is all about. Making sure you select the tracks with the right ambience and beat will say a lot about you as a company, and will leave a lasting impression.

Media Messages has a large library of royalty free music for companies’ to play to their callers on hold, and as long as you have a professional recorded message played with it, then you won’t be up for any fees from APRA or PPCA.

Our team of audio professionals can help you select the appropriate tracks to go hand in hand with the content of your message on hold program, while also ensuring it is the right representation for your business. We can also mix it up, so that your callers aren’t listening to the same tune the entire time they wait.

For more information about how you can get royalty free music to play to your callers on hold, then please contact our friendly team here at Media Messages – we’ll be more than happy to help you hear the music.

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