Lady Gaga’s Tips for Messages On Hold

Lady Gaga has always been ahead of the curve. Her next album, Artpop, promises nothing different. Most artists release an album and depend on CD and iTunes sales to make money. Not Lady Gaga. She is planning a multi media explosion … Continue reading

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What does a Swimming Pool have to do with Messages on Hold?

Have you ever dreamed about having your very own pool in your backyard? Think about all the pool parties and backyard barbecues, think how much fun the kids will have splashing around all summer. Not to mention all that glorious … Continue reading

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Why Should I Update My On Hold Messages?

You, as a smart business owner have already set in place your on hold messages, so why mess with a good thing? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” right? That could be true, but only if you want stay … Continue reading

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Messages On Hold Mistakes

While the use of a messages on hold service is without doubt a great marketing strategy for most businesses, be aware there are some pit falls to watch out for that could seriously damage the reputation and success of your … Continue reading

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Watch your Business Grow with Telephone Messages On Hold

If you are considering effective forms of marketing for your business, messages on hold is one such way for great promotion of your business’ products and services. When it comes to answering phone calls, it is necessary on most occasions … Continue reading

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“Media Messages offered a very professional messages on hold service and produced a great result at a fraction of the cost of other companies we investigated. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Media Messages to any business.” Adrian (Clockwork Print)

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Why Messages On Hold is a Powerful Marketing Channel

Why is it that we always look for the most expensive and intricate ways to market our products, when quite often the most simplistic answer is staring us right in the face? Every business in Australia has a phone line … Continue reading

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Short, clear and concise phone messages are an extremely effective way to inform your customers about your products and services. Remember, your callers on hold, are only on hold for approximately 15seconds, so you’re best to get straight to the … Continue reading

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Message On Hold Company and Variety, the children’s charity Help Local Girl

Eager to give back to the community, telephone on-hold message specialists donates $30 from every on hold package to Variety, the children’s charity. Their contribution has now helped fund medical expenses for a 14-year-old girl who has Global Developmental Delay. … Continue reading

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Media Messages Rewards Office Works November Gift Card Winner

“The process of working with Media Messages has been smooth and reliable. They have produced great results and have made our clients very happy. $300 at Officeworks! That’s a lot of paperclips. Thanks guys.” Tanya Were (Vanilla Spin)

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