Have Fun with your Messages On Hold

If you are planning on installing a telephone message on hold program at your office, or even if you already have one playing to your callers on hold, we recommend you have fun with your script. You want to capture the attention of your callers, and to do that you need to be a little bit creative.

If you are a corporate company, you can still have fun with your message on hold script, maybe just be a little bit subtler in the way you go about it.

Humorous Messages On Hold
For instance, if there is an industry related joke that your customer are sure to understand, then why not have a little fun and bring a smile to your callers face and add a little humour to your messages on hold. Your callers will see you as being light-hearted and fun.

Sound Effects
Additionally, you can bring your audio messages alive with some sound effects. We don’t recommend going over board, but if you it can help you get your message through a lot better. For instance, if you are a pet store, then appeal to your callers’ emotions with the sound of a dog barking or a cat purring.

Tell a Quick Story
You don’t always have to be selling your products to your callers, instead why not include a message with an anecdote or a tale about your business – something that will interest your callers, and information that they may not already know about.

Bring Celebrity
Everyone loves celebrities, so do your research and find ways to align your products and services with a celebrity. That way your customers can feel like they too are a celebrity when they buy into your product or service.

Whilst you must treat your telephone message on hold program like you would with all your other marketing material, you can also have a little fun with your content. You don’t have to go overboard, but you can transform your audio production from a mundane script to a super exciting one with just a few different tactics. Ask us how when you call our team today.

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