How to Choose the Best Voice Artist for Your On Hold Message


Voices are like the people they belong to, no two are exactly the same. There are big booming voices and little tinny voices, old voices and young voices, voices with authority and voices that make you smile. So what makes a good voice actor for your on messages on hold

The first criteria is obviously that they can speak clearly and articulate the ideas you want them to present to your customers on hold. Especially since this is a situation where you can't actually see the person speaking, it makes it doubly important that they can get the messages across clearly without using the normal visual cues. 

They must have a pleasant and inviting voice. The last thing your business callers want to hear when they call is a high pitched whiney voice asking them to wait on hold. If your callers get annoyed by the sound of the voice, they will hang up.

The voice must be a good fit for your company. If for example, you are a supermarket, your target market would be women aged 25-45, as they would be the majority of your customers. It would make sense to draft your messages on hold and choose your voice artist to speak to that target market and make your company more relatable. On the other hand, if you are a mining excavation company or a mechanic, you would probably want a tough male voice who your callers would relate to. Your on hold messages would also have a different spin to them, with the focus being on what information they would like to hear. 

At Media Messages we write your scripts to match your company profile, using  either your website, or information that you provide us to create the best customised on hold message program for your individual company. You can choose your own voice artist personally, or our experienced audio technicians will choose the best one for you. They then mix them to produce a polished and professional finished on hold message program for you.

Try out a free message today to see for yourself what a great voice artist and a talented team of creative writers and audio producers can do for your on hold messages!

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One response to “How to Choose the Best Voice Artist for Your On Hold Message”

  1. Trina says:

    As a customer myself, I can totally relate to what you're saying. The last thing an irritated customer wants is to hear a high pitched voice delivering repeated messages and reminding me that I'm on hold. It would be really great if companies would take your advice, just like what this company also suggested. Throw in a great script and a fuming customer would at least have a good reason to calm down before they talk to a rep. 

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