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We’ve all heard about the written blog, but did you know audio blogs are just as effective? Commonly referred to as ‘podcasts’ an audio blog can really mix up the content on your website, and hopefully enhance your customers’ experience.

Extra Exposure through Audio Blogging
Audio blogging is also a great way to really maximise your audio. Think about it, whilst you’re playing your professional message on hold audio productions on your telephone lines, you could be getting added exposure by promoting it on your website. If you’ve got six messages on your telephone message on hold program, then that is effectively six audio blogs for you to post. A double whammy when you think about it – extra exposure for audio and also content for your website. It’s a win win really!

On Hold Messages for Blogging
The team at Media Messages would be more than happy to break your advertisements into single messages so that you can audio blog. From there, all you need to do is upload it to your website.


How to Distribute as a Blog
You can get even more exposure for your audio productions, and set up a YouTube account and upload your audio production there – use your logo as the visual and your message on hold program in the background. Once you’ve uploaded it to you YouTube – just copy the coding and put it on your website, and voila you’ve got yourself an audio blog, promoting your business, and also content on your website and YouTube channel.

Get smart with your audio productions, and reach a larger audience through blogging and social media.

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