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Google Places for Business

Every Australian business should really have a listing on Google Places. It is one of the free listings that Google offers, and is a great way to get high in the local search rankings, which is of major importance with Google. In fact, you will probably notice, that with many searches, local businesses will be the first to come up in the maps area. Can your business afford not to have a listing?

Audio production company, Media Messages, has written the below guide on how to set up your Google Places listing.

Step 1: Google Places for Business
You will need to head on over to, and if you have an account set up with Google you will need to sign in, however, if you don’t have an account, you simply need to have your email address ready and set up a Google Account – this takes about 10 minutes maximum.

Step 2:  Create your Google Places Listing

  • Select the country your business is located
  • Put in your phone number and select ‘find business information
  • If your business doesn’t already have a listing, a form will come up for you to complete – fill out the form, add photographs, YouTube videos about your business and so forth – the more information the better.
  • Once you have completed the form, simply select submit at the bottom of the form.
  • A page comes up confirming your site address and contact name – make sure to put your contact name, as this is the address they will send your Google Places verification PIN to.

Step 3: Wait for your Google PIN
Google needs to verify that you are really at the address that you say you are, and that you are not just a business spamming a whole heap of different areas. They will send you PIN to the site address you specified. Make sure to keep an eye out for this, as your listing will not go LIVE until you have verified your listing with the 5-digit PIN.

Please be aware: your PIN will come with a big GOOGLE logo across it. It does look and feel like junk mail, but it isn’t, it is important you keep an eye out for it.

Sep 4: Verify your Google Places Listing
Once you have received your Google Places PIN, you need to log back into Google Places (URL as above) and submit the PIN where it says “Enter PIN”.

It will then take a couple of weeks for Google to verify your listing, but once it is up – then hopefully you start showing for all the local searches. Make sure to get customers to review your product as this can ultimately help your ranking.

Media Messages is a leading Australian audio production studio that specialises in the creation of quality voice recordings, music and sound effects to educate and entertain your callers on hold.

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  2. […] If you are new to Google Places, check out our blog on Submitting your Business on Google Places. […]

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