Updating your Telephone Message On Hold Program

Telephone Messages On Hold

Just like you would with any other marketing collateral, it is really important to ensure that you continuously update your telephone message on hold program. Think of it as part of your internal communications’ strategy. As the telephone on hold message experts, Media Messages explains why it is so important to update your message on hold program.

Keeping it fresh and interesting
Whilst you will have an abundance of new callers, you probably also get your fair share of repeat callers. An updated telephone message on hold program, with fresh messages and a slight change in music will be sure to capture their attention. Programs can get old, and the last thing you want your customers to do is switch off and ignore your messages.

Advertise Seasonal Promotions
Depending on the type of business you run, you may have weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly promotions, and if you are a smart business, you are more than likely going to want to promote them in a timely fashion. Modern day message on hold programs allow you to do this, and can be time specific – ask the creative team at Media Messages for more details.

Ensures all information is Correct
By updating your telephone message on hold program regularly, you can check to see if all the information is relevant and correct. As you are not hearing this piece of advertising directly it is easy to forget, but when you are reminded (Media Messages will send you a reminder to update your program), then chances are you will look to ensure all details are up-to-date.

A telephone message on hold program is an integral part of your internal marketing strategy and should be monitored on a regular basis. Don’t let your messages on hold get stale, update them regularly and really impress your callers.

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