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If you are in the business of real estate, then we have no doubt you understand the importance of marketing your service and your clients’ products. A telephone message on hold program will effectively help you to continue to promote these services and products when you place a caller on hold.

And place caller on hold we’re a 100% positive you do throughout the day. So why not utilise this time to promote your other services.  Below are a couple of ideas on how you can continue to reinforce your brand and market your business to callers on hold.

Promote other services
Your customers may be well aware you sell and manage property, but what about your lesser known services – such as holiday accommodation, appraisals, past sales reports, suburb profiles and so forth.

Tips and Advice
You are the experts when it comes to property, so why not share your wisdom with some tips and advice for your customers. Marketing tips to help them increase the chances of selling their property, information about the surrounding area and selling tips.

By offering advice and tips to your callers on hold, you will be showing them that you really do know what you are talking about, and will help built the trust in your professional relationship with them.

Newsletters and Property Updates
Don’t forget to advise your callers about property newsletters and updates you may offer. Quickly explain to them how they can receive these messages.

Property Listings
Why not promote a couple of your properties on your message on hold program. Let our voice artists sell your properties by creating a vision for your callers?

Best of all, Media Messages offer a selection of telephone message on hold programs with your choice of yearly updates. So depending on how busy your real estate is, you can update and freshen up your program as often as you need / like.

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