What Sets Media Messages Out From the Crowd

So you are interested in adding music and messages on hold to your business telephone line. Now what? When you Google messages on hold it comes up with a bunch of companies that all do the same thing. So why choose Media Messages?

1. No lock in contracts or automatic rollovers: Some of our competition have hidden clauses in their forms that lock you in for up to two years. And you are automatically rolled into a new contact without so much as an email reminder. At Media Messages, not only are we the best priced on the market, but there are no hidden fees. We hate them ourselves, so why would we try to trick you into signing one?

2. Really awesome extras: We provide a technician free of charge to install your on hold messages onto your phone system. Need an IVR or after-hours message as well? We’ll throw that in for free too. Have more than 1 location? We’ll give you a really great discount on any additional sites you want to add. Not quite sure if you are ready to jump into an entire on hold system setup? We’ll give you a free message just so you can hear what your full potential sounds like.

3. Customer Service: Now I know all businesses go on about how great their customer service is. But the proof is in the pudding, and we have quite a bit of pudding if I do say so myself. We actually care about our customers, and as you can see by our testimonials, they are happy with the results.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our friendly team of professional on hold specialists today to see what we can do for you!

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