Google Survey about Caller On Hold Time

According to a recent Google survey, results showed that more than 57% of callers were placed on hold when calling into a business. Only 30.2% were willing to wait 1-5 minutes, with 27.6% only willing to wait 1 minute, and the highest percentage of 32.3% responding that they are not willing to wait at all.

So how are you as a business responding to these facts? Most businesses will have to put customers on hold at some point in time, whether it’s due to high call volume, being short staffed, or to find an answer to a question. Is your staff making every effort to keep on hold wait times low?

A simple and easy way to address this issue is to consider installing messages on hold onto your telephone system. Media Messages offer several different affordable messages on hold packages, which start at the low price of $14.95 per week. These programs  includes free updates to keep your callers up to date with all the latest news and promotions, as well as includes all script writing, voice actor and production fees, and even includes your own state of the art on hold message player.

So don’t wait and keep losing those valuable customers. Give them something interesting to listen to while they wait on hold and they will wait for longer and be happier and easier to deal with.¬† Contact us today to start improving your bottom line now.

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  1. caera says:

    Yes, messages on hold is a very good telecommunication media for business advertising and promotion and also to increase the number of audience providing information about compnay.

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