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Did you know that if you are a small business with only up to 5 phone lines playing the radio or commercial music to callers on hold, you are expected to pay an annual fee of $185.27 to the Australiasian Performing Rights Association (APRA). And on top of that, you are expected to pay a further $147.62 to the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia. That’s a total of $332.89 per year – and you don’t even have any control of the content.

Medium and larger businesses will be expected to pay:

Number of Lines




1 – 5 lines


$73.59 – $147.62

$221.80 – $295.83

6 – 10 lines




11 – 20 lines




20 – 50 lines

$405.70 – $819.18


$1,220.69 – $1,634.17

51 – 100 lines




101 – 200 lines







At least $8,816.95

View APRA and PPCA's full pricing schedules by clicking on the links at the bottom.

These fees go up annually, and if you are caught playing protected sound recordings such as the radio or music tracks without paying these annual fees, then you could be slapped with a massive fine.

Media Messages: Music and Messages On Hold

As a Telephone Message On Hold Company, we are registered with APRA and PPCA – and we supply first-class audio productions, combined with royalty free music to be played to your callers on hold. Our yearly packages, start from only $14.95/week and incorporate these fees, so you don’t have to worry about being hit with them in the future.  Nor will you have to pay for a reproduction fee, should you change your message on hold program (APRA has fees for reproduction also).

Furthermore, unlike with the radio, you have full control of your telephone on hold marketing. You supply us with the information you would like to promote, and our very creative copywriters will prepare a script ready for our voice artists to record and our audio engineers to manipulate and mix into a compelling audio production to educate and entertain your callers.

You won’t have to worry about your competitors’ advertisements or inappropriate music playing to your callers, and you certainly won’t have to worry about receiving a rather large bill for simply playing music on your phone lines.

Why pay through the roof for simply music, when you can have a full professionally production audio production promoting your products and services to your callers. Get the most out of your marketing dollars,

APRA’s 2014 Licence Fees   |   PPCA’s 2014 Licence Fees

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