Streaming your Audio Advertisements

Online Streamining and your audio advertisements

Radio streaming has become extremely popular in recent years. And with iTunes joining the bag wagon, it is now more popular than ever. Spotify and Pandora are also excessively popular among Australians. In fact, it seems our country is becoming computer savvy, and many our now resorting to getting their music fix directly from the online streams. And why not, they can access these streams on their PCs, tablets and smartphones. Audio streaming is larger than ever, so is it worth streaming your audio advertisements?

Many companies are now incorporating live stream into their marketing mix, and the spend in this arena is huge. Why? Because it works! According to Jemm Group, advertisers have recorded response rates at an increase of three and half times that of your traditional audio outlets (statistics from the states).

While streaming does allow customers the option to upgrade to premium accounts with no advertisements, statistics from Spotify show that most users stick with the free registration and are quite happy to listen to advertising.

Audio advertising may soon be at the forefront of every businesses marketing plans. Whilst its traditional form is still going strong, audio advertising is also breaking into new areas and new technologies – potentially giving advertisers more bang for their buck.

Is digital streaming a consideration when it comes to your next audio advertising campaign?

Media Messages provides high quality audio productions for all channels, and we can certainly help you devise a compelling audio production for your online audio streaming campaign. Call us today for more information.  

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