What does a Swimming Pool have to do with Messages on Hold?

Have you ever dreamed about having your very own pool in your backyard? Think about all the pool parties and backyard barbecues, think how much fun the kids will have splashing around all summer. Not to mention all that glorious relaxing time you will get lounging poolside. Convinced yet?

People in the business of pool building make a living selling you this dream. They market it as family friendly, lifestyle influencing, and property value adding. When you start your search for the perfect pool builder, you want someone who will give you all that as well as being reliable, talented, and good communicators.

Looking at things from the business side, you the pool builder should have some sort of marketing and advertising in place so those customers can find your business. Most people start with a Google search to narrow down the selection, but once they pick up that phone to call you, that is your chance to shine.

For any large purchase especially one as big an investment as a pool, the customer will want to talk to an expert and get more information before they come into your showroom or schedule an appointment.

Unfortunately, the first thing that happens on most business phone calls is that your customer is asked to hold for a moment. This moment could either make or break the potential sale. How, you ask?

Statistics say that 69% of business calls are put on hold, and most customers wait for at least a minute or more.

If your interested customer is stuck listening to radio ads, boring elevator music, or even worse silence, how long do you think they will remain interested?

But we have to put them on hold, you say, so how do we fix the problem?

You can use that telephone hold time for good use. By giving the callers some general information about building a pool, informing them about current specials, and giving them more information about your company, they will be more invested in doing business with you.

A hold message will help you sound more professional, make a better impression on the people calling in, and help you convert more prospects to customers.

Telephone on hold messages and on hold music is one of the best forms of marketing because it helps you interact with those potential clients who are already interested in your services.

Contact us today for your free on hold message. Who knows, maybe with all those extra sales you make, you will be able to install your own backyard pool.

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