Six Degrees of Kylie Monogue?

Six Degres of Kevin Bacon, is according to wikipedia is a "parlor game" that claims that any 2 people on Earth are only separated by six connections. Made popular by a couple of college students in the mid 90's, the theory caught on and they found themselves being interviewed on Jay Leno, and their game became a worldwide phenomenon with books, tv ads, and even a board game created in inspiration. Google has even added the capability to their search pages that uses popular movie database IMDB to create an actor's "Bacon number". Thats right, all you have to do is type in any actor's name and the words "Bacon number" and google knows your trying to find the link. For example, Angelina Jolie's Bacon number is 2: she and Billy Bob Thornton appeared in Pushing Tin, and BIlly Bob Thornton appeared with Kevin Bacon in Jayne Mansfield's Car. 


So in honour of this esteemed tradtion, we decided to find a connection from our company, Media Messages, to someone famous. We thought about the Prime Minister, but then thought maybe someone in the entertainment industry would be more exciting. Luckily for us, we have established a connection, and its even less than the recommended six connections!  Our marketing manager's mother-in-law has worked with an ex Neighbours actress's baby, and Kylie Minogue acted on Neighbours in the late 80s. That's four connections from Media Messages to Kylie Minogue! 

We proposed inclusion of this amazing fact onto some new marketing material, but were shut down by the marketing department. They suggested instead that we should focus on those things that make Media Messages great. Things like our flexible on hold message contracts, and outright purchase message on hold options, as well as the quality of our completed audio productions that use talented voice artists and on hold music to create professional sounding messages on hold. We reluctantly agreed that this is probably a more responsible marketing plan, but still plan to bring out our connection to Kylie Minogue at every future Christmas party and weekend barbeque!

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